antique table lamp 4408
French deco night light, c1930s. Chrome plated spelter squirrel figure on oval marble base. Original crackle glass globe shade

Height: 150mm
Item Code: 4408

Price: £125
antique table lamp 4407
Adjustable brass desk lamp c1950s. Fitted with antique shade

Height: 545mm
Item Code: 4407

Price: £165
antique table lamp 4391
Painted spelter figural lamp c1930s on marble base. Fitted with antique shade

Height: 420mm
Item Code: 4391

Price: SOLD
antique table lamp 4387
Chrome plated desk lamp c1930s. Original trough shade

Height: 300mm
Item Code: 4387

Price: £185
antique table lamp 4386
Adjustable brass desk lamp c1910. Fitted with antique opalescent shade

Height: 485mm
Item Code: 4386

Price: £265
antique table lamp 4328
Wrought iron table lamp c1950s, fitted with later deco style shade

Height: 140mm
Item Code: 4328

Price: SOLD
antique table lamp 4287
Adjustable nickel-plated desk lamp, c1930s, fitted with a period shade

Height: 350mm
Item Code: 4287

Price: £145
antique table lamp 4170
Modernist desk lamp c1950s

Height: 475mm
Item Code: 4170

Price: £155
antique table lamp 4168
Adjustable industrial desk lamp, c1960s

Height: 360mm
Item Code: 4168

Price: £99
antique table lamp 4167
A 1930s patinated metal vase lamp with four etched glass panels.

Height: 360mm
Item Code: 4167

Price: £255
antique table lamp 4085
A pair of ormoulu candlestick type table lamps c1910. Fitted with new pleated shades

Height: 470mm
Item Code: 4085

Price: £195
antique table lamp 4080
Adjustable desk lamp, c1930s, nickel plated finish. Fitted with antique tulip shade
Item Code: 4080

antique table lamp 3937
Wrought iron tripod table c 1950s with antique marbled shade

Height: 320mm
Item Code: 3937

Price: £66
antique table lamp 3922
Gilt brass oil lamp base c1910, converted for use as table lamp

Height: 345mm
Item Code: 3922

Price: £88
antique table lamp 3765
1930s Pirouett chrome plated desk lamp

Height: 345mm
Item Code: 3765

Price: £265
antique table lamp 3646
Wrought iron lamp base, c1950s, fitted with antique opalescent shade

Height: 325mm
Item Code: 3646

Price: £88
antique table lamp 3443
A 1930s vase/garniture converted for use as table lamp. Patinated spelter on marble base.

Height: 510mm
Item Code: 3443

Price: £77
antique table lamp 3035
Art Deco Luminax pressed glass vase lamp with 'Carillo' mark

Height: 220mm
Item Code: 3035

Price: £125

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